Rail wagons or lorries are used at companies that have (part of) the internal transport run over rails. Bemo Rail has already developed standardized versions for various branches and the rail trolleys can be found in the concrete (piles) industry. Tailor-made designs are also possible, which means that logistical ‘problems’ such as differences in track gauge, occurring loads and the diversity in the goods to be transported can be solved without any problems.

Rail cars can be equipped with their own drives, automated or not. This allows them to be fully or partially integrated into logistical processes. Hydraulic (lifting) systems can also be accommodated in the cars. Many specific options and designs are possible, without losing sight of the most important goal, namely: the rail cars must contribute to increasing efficiency, reducing costs and increasing safety.

Bemo Rail designs and manufactures the rail trolleys entirely under its own management.


Features Shunting locomotives


Stepless speed control from ‘0’
Very even approach with a particularly favorable slip limit due to the lack of ‘starting peak’